Not all that glitters is gold

Today I heard one of the most unbelievable stories. Read it, it’s worth it, and it goes like this:

My family is friend with another family for as long as I can remember, let’s call them the Jacksons. Their two children are like cousins to me, and well of course, the parents like uncles. Very close ones, even closer than my real uncles.

Today I was finding out about some course that it’ll be given in my town, and my Mom told me that if I end up going and I see the teacher’s daughter there, I shouldn’t -by any means- say that she looks exactly like the Jackson’s daughter. To which, of course, I asked why (who wouldn’t?), and my Mom, told me, almost in my ear, that she and Mrs. Jackson’s sister (who by the way we are also very, very close with) believe that the girl is Mr. Jackson’s unrecognized daughter, that was conceived when this girl’s mother worked in Mr. Jackson’s store. IMAGINE my face, "whaaaaaatttt? you’re kidding Mom, you’re fucking kidding me, that’s not true" that’s all I said for like, five minutes. So as a prove, my dear mother made me look for the girl on facebook, and with Lord as my witness she looks EXACTLY like Mr. and Mrs. Jackson’s daughter. I think my jaw went through seven floors and back, and I’m still trying to believe it. She said that this girl’s mother never said a word about who her real father is. To anyone.

But, hold your breath, this doesn’t end up here. You think this was such a simple story? Turns ooouut (white girl trash talk voice on) Mr. Jackson had green light on the cheating thing because Mrs. Jackson tried to run away with an old boyfriend when the children were young, but the lover never showed up, and she had to go back to Mr. Jackson and their two children.

Who needs soap operas when you live in such a small city.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are one of the most consolidates couples I know, their entire family is simply, lovely. And nobody knows with complete certain if this story is true (the unrecognized daughter one, the Mrs. Jackson’s one it’s well known -by every adult, of course-) I always, envied the way they support each other, and how interested in their children Mrs. Jackson is, and turns out she was willing to abandon them once, and they don’t even know about it. And if you go through this fatherless child’s photos you can see Mrs. Jackson comments saying she and her mother look very much alike. Come on, how fucked up is that? I think I’ll write a book about it.


Can I tell you guys something funny?

Some woman came to the store today. I wasn’t there at the moment but, but, but my dad was, and this anonymous lady was actually a lover my dad had when he was dating my mom back in time (consequently, my mom’s archenemy). According to my sister, who was also there, this woman stood for a long while asking about things and making small talk (so to say, acting like she was really looking for something)

The funny thing is that, this lady is, as twisted as it sounds, the mother of the guy I wrote about once. Remember the time I told you about someone who cheated on his girlfriend with me? well, the same guy.

Life gets pretty creative sometimes.


Last night I saw “Married life” and realized I’m a cheating films lover, seriously.

It’s fascinating to see how many emotions take part in the act of cheating: jealousy, greediness, love, selfishness, guilt and passion (among others) can be seen in only one film and in many forms.

I guess it’s because I like characters who are not even close to be perfect, after all we’re all like that, aren’t we?

Just to be clear: This doesn’t mean I’m a cheater, I’m the complete opposite actually.


Today I found out that the last guy that I’ve been with has a girlfriend, and he’s with her since before he was with me. It happened while I was on my sister’s Fb looking at pictures of people I don’t even know, when suddenly there they were, the happy couple on the rocks, the happy couple on christmas, the happy couple at his parents’s aniversary.

At first I felt kind of sorry for her. But then I started to remember that before that night he and I were always fighting, and I really can’t stand him. That night was what it was because he is hot and I was drunk.

So I feel like I have a secret weapon and I know he knows I know. Isn’t that great? Finally feeling that I beat this asshole even though I honestly don’t give a fuck and I’m not ever going to do anything about it.

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