The world is a cheesy place until the one you love dedicates you a song.


Am I the only one who turns the volume down when I hear the same song for like the tenth time?

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I still remember the first time I saw this video on Mtv (back in time when Mtv was a music channel)


Do you have pills to not dream?


Last night I heard this song by Emir Kusturika & The No Smoking Orchesta which I’m positive I’ve heard before in a movie. I’m not sure if it was constantly repeated or if it was played in a very important scene. I recognized it at the very moment I heard it, so I’m thinking it must be a very famous song. It’s driving me crazy, I’m listening to all of their songs and I can’t find it.

I suspect I could be from Amélie, but I’m not sure. Also it has a very catchy rhythm and I think no one sang in the chorus. I know it’s little help, but anyone has any idea of what song could it be? 


 I get up early, dying. 

Lazily I resurrect, welcome to the world. 
Among murderous news, I have breakfast.

On my way to work, in the Metro, 
bored I watch the passengers’ faces, 
companions in routine and yawns.

And in the seat across me, 
suddenly a face, 
luminous lights the train.

Those gestures bring back memories 
of other places, other times, 
when I knew better luck.

I can’t bring myself to say anything, I’m not sure, 
although those eyes, no doubt, are hers, 
more nostalgic, perhaps darker.

But I believe it’s you and you’ve barely changed, 
as beautiful as before, maybe even more. 
You keep looking like the saddest girl in town.

How long has it been since the first mistakes, 
of the wondering in your eyes. 
The city cried out and cursed our names, 
young promises, we owned nothing.

Leaving the echoes of your whispers in the street doors, 
searching for any dark corner. 
"Hold my hand, I’m afraid of the future", 
and after each escape you were there, you were there.

In the empty nights when I come back 
alone and badly hurt, I still regret 
having casted you out so far away from my body.

And now that I’ve found you I see it’s still burning 
the flame you lighted. It’s never, never too late 
to be born again, to love you.

I must tell you something before you get off 
from this dirty train and leave me dead, 
look into your eyes, and perhaps remind you, 
that before giving up, we were eternal.

Determined I get up and come to you, 
and something in my chest tightens, breaks. 
"How are you? It’s been so long, do you remember me?" 
And a shy smile replies:

"I’m sorry, but i think you’re mistaken sir". 
"I’m sorry, miss, you remind me so much 
of a woman I met a few years ago”.

Older and wearier I return to my seat, 
bored I watch the passengers’ faces, 
companions in routine and yawns.

One of my all time favourite songs, from a man that will always be my weakness.


Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life.

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I can be your prince, your gentleman
or the Indian that won’t let you sleep at night.
I can be your accomplice, your partner
get you naked and don’t touch you or love you ‘til I die.

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I don’t even know if I’ve posted this already, but it’s such a nice song. I’m in love with the beggining.

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