We’re taking over the world! Muahaha..

We’re taking over the world! Muahaha..


I don’t understand people who watch dramatic movies. Isn’t enough drama in every day life already? What’s the point in watching Lorenzo’s Oil if you know, beforehand, just by looking at the cheezy retro picture on the cover of the dvd box, that you’ll end up crying and feeling like shit. It’s emotionally exhauting and what’s most important: completely unnecessary. You’re not saving someone else’s life by watching it, and it irritates me that people in Hollywood made money out of someone’s condition. I won’t even start talking about My Name Is Sam and how much I hate it, but there, I made my point.

This is suppossed to be a night fully dedicated to improve my portfolio, but random thoughts (as this one) appear. I can’t explain how I managed to remember all of this by listening to Don’t let me down. Clearly I don’t feel like doing anything at all.


One time, my grandma asked me if I dance or not with guys when I go out (?), she told me that if I say no to them too often, they won’t approach me any more. Because, according to her, somehow, random guys manage to comunicate with each other and they know with which girl “you can” and with which one you can’t. This is something that left me thinking, it is to me a great analogy about the way men relate to women and the hysteria we are accused of.

And so I reached my 21 years old feeling that my grandma was right. But I think that what she forgets, or maybe never knew, is that if you say yes too much, they don’t stay either.

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